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We all like greeting cards, right?! Especially the fun modern cards that represent the culture. Well, we partnered up with a local Black woman small business, Kindred Papers, to give you something that is even more unique, Clarify. It is a greeting card with a therapeutic twist. Ever had a hard time expressing your self but it would be so much easier if you had the voice of a therapist to help you come up with the best way to get it out? Well, I may not be able to give you a full speech but I came up with an idea. 

These are greeting cards that have prompts that guide you to finish the sentence. We encourage our users to tap into the art of note writing, remember how good it felt to receive a written note folded all origami-like from your best friend in the hallway? Well, we did just that but it is a fun, noninvasive, innovative way to help you reconnect with folks you care about. 

Clarify by Epistamai

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